Ottoman Shelving Company, is a professional manufacturer of supermarket shelves, storage rack, shopping trolleys, large-scale storage shelves, decorated back shelves, book shelves, handcarts, counters and other complete sets of equipment used in various supermerkets and bazaars.

Market Shelves

Ottoman Shelf | Market Shelf

We give professional solutions to small, medium and large markets with the high quality products we manufacture by using solid materials.


Storage Rack Systems

Ottoman Shelf | Storage Rack Systems

The storage rack systems which are manufactured in different sizes and colours can carry up to 1000 kg each shelf.


Refrigerator and Coolers

Refrigerator Coolers

Refrigerators and coolers for cafe's and markets are produced as wanted.


Counter Showcase

Ottoman Shelf | Counter Showcase

Counters and showcases which can be produced in different sizes and colours.


Market Equipments

Ottoman Shelf | Market Equipments

The logistic equipments, trolleys, counters, baskets and other needs for markets can be supplied.


Sample Shelf Applications

Ottoman Shelf | Sample Applications

You can see some of the samples which belong to our productions.